The Premium Married Dating Service for Discreet Encounters
How it works

Why are women automatically premium members?

The free use of our platform for women creates a balanced relationship between the sexes in our premium member area. Both women and men have the same chances at an anonymous and discreetly organized affair at meet2cheat.

As a man, why should I become a premium member?

Your advantages:

  • Read contact requests and messages from other members
  • View photos of other members
  • Send unlimited contact requests to other members
  • Release your own photos to selected members
  • Secure, anonymous exchange of messages

Where can I see when my premium membership ends?

The option for examining the contract term of your premium membership can be found in the member area under the menu item “Profile”.

How can I renew my premium membership?

In order for you to enjoy uninterrupted access to all meet2cheat functions, your premium membership will automatically be renewed by the term of duration you have chosen. Canceling the automatic renewal is possible up to 14 days before the expiration of your current premium membership.

How do I cancel the automatic renewal?

You can cancel the automatic renewal in written form using our contact form. Please select “Cancelation of the automatic renewal“ as the subject. Please be aware that cancelation is only possible up to 14 days before the expiration of your current premium membership.

What happens after my premium membership has expired?

After your premium membership has expired, you can continue to use our platform with limited functionality as a passive member. Our evaluation system will still continue to calculate potential contacts for you but initiating contact with them is only possible as a premium member. Released photos and old messages can no longer be viewed. Passive membership has no time limit.