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A newsletter is an electronically transmitted circular through which members of an Internet platform, club or company are informed about interesting news.

Nymphomania constitutes the excessive and increased desire of a woman for as much sexual intercourse as possible. Moreover, nymphomaniac women change their sexual partners more frequently than other women and are held to be more sexually permissive in general.


Behind the expression one-night stand is most often a spontaneous, short sexual relationship which only lasts one night or less. In this kind of sexual adventure, love or an emotional bond plays no role at all. Important is the fulfillment of sexual needs.

In oral sex, one person stimulates the genital area of his or her sexual partner using the lips, tongue and teeth. Both men and women can experience an orgasm quickly with this kind of sexual stimulation.

The orgasm marks the high point of sexual pleasure and normally occurs during sexual intercourse or masturbation. During the climax, both men and women experience muscle contractions in the genital area. What’s more, the male orgasm is generally connected to an ejaculation.


The PDF format is a standard format that is used worldwide for the dissemination of electronic documents. The “portable document format” is a universal, compact file format. The file can be easily released, displayed, paged through and printed on any computer that has the Adobe Reader program installed.

Petting is a completely individual sexual practice with many variations in which sexual intercourse is not consummated. Petting, in which the partner’s sexual organs and erogenous zones are caressed, frequently serves as foreplay. Petting can also lead to orgasm without subsequent sexual intercourse.

Phone sex is when sexual desires are satisfied during a telephone conversation. Similar to cyber sex, the partners are not in direct bodily contact with each other and frequently satisfy themselves during the intimate exchange.

In information technology, platform is the name given to a meeting place on the Internet. Examples of such platforms include an Internet forum, a chat room or an online community such as meet2cheat.

Polygamy denotes a condition of multiple marriages in which several simultaneous cohabitational relationships exist in parallel. Accordingly, polygamy is the opposite of monogamy.

In general, the term premium stands for an excellent product of high quality. At meet2cheat, a premium member differs from a normal member in that a premium member can initiate contact and enjoy unlimited communication with other members.

The profile is a kind of calling card where all the information about a certain person is stored. A user profile is created for each member already during the registration process at meet2cheat and it is an indispensable prerequisite when searching for an affair.