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How it works


A database is a structured collection of associated data which is interrelated. In order to be able to administrate and process large volumes of data, a database is created.

Discretion is a common expression for discreteness, confidentiality and secrecy. At meet2cheat, discretion towards our members is of the highest priority.


During ejaculation, also known as seminal discharge, the man’s sperm squirts intermittently out of his penis. The trigger for the ejaculation is sexual stimulation caused by, for example, masturbation or sexual intercourse.

An erection is the stiffening of the male penis which is caused by sexual arousal. The hardening itself is caused by an increase of blood inflow to the erectile tissue of the penis. A swelling of the female vaginal lips and clitoris can also be considered to be an erection in the broader sense.

Eroticism is not only an instinctual and physically driven connection between two humans but, in fact, a sensual and spiritual bond of affection. It can be characterized as fanciful, sexual excitement.

Exhibitionism is a sexual penchant for feeling full of relish when observed by other people when one is naked or engaged in sexual intercourse. This sexual affinity is particularly common in the swinger scene or during the production of pornographic films.


The term fake is especially prevalent on the Internet and literally describes a counterfeit or copy. A faker is someone who claims that he is something he is not and provokes other Internet users and deceives them with false information. At meet2cheat, special technical protective measures search for fakes and delete them from our database.

Fetishism is a sexual affinity in which sexual excitement is brought about by the total fixation on an object or a part of the body. Without the fixated object, the fetish, sexual fulfillment cannot take place. Typical fetishes include boots, panties, latex, leather, feet, breasts or body odor.

Fisting is a sexual practice in which anywhere from several fingers or up to an entire first are inserted into the vagina or anus. The vagina is particularly suited to this sexual practice as it serves as the natural birth canal and is more elastic than the anus.